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Trinidad’s Biodiversity Featured in Netflix’s Alien Worlds

Trinidad's unique biodiversity is featured in two episodes of Netflix's new series Alien Worlds. This four-part docuseries conceptualizes what life on other planets could look like, by applying the laws of life on Earth. The series depicts fascinating CGI creatures in fictional settings, as scientists research unique ecosystems around the world, in locations such as the Continue Reading

Video Globetrotter Features Trinidad

TV Show host, Scott Eddy, travels across Trinidad to experience some of what this beautiful island has to offer in his new Lifetime series, Video GlobeTrotter. Take a look at episode highlights below.

7 Beautiful Beaches To See On Trinidad’s North Coast

As you drive up the winding mountainside roads of Trinidad’s North Coast, you’ll come across picturesque beaches, perfect for relaxing, surrounded by vibrant coastal waves. Each beach can be enjoyed at your leisure or combined for a fun-filled guided tour or road trip. Blanchisseuse Las Cuevas Bay BLANCHISSEUSE Scenic and energetic waves await surfers at Continue Reading

10 Places To Eat For A Unique Local Experience

Here in Trinidad, we have an incredibly flavourful gastronomic offering, stemming from our diverse cultural makeup. From traditional ‘sweet hand’ meals to street food, we can guarantee that each bite you take will offer an explosion of rich flavour to satisfy your taste buds. Here are 10 places to eat for a unique local experience. Continue Reading