From street food full of character, to world class fine dining experiences, Trinidad is a food lover’s paradise. Come try our “sweet hand” for yourself!

what to eat in Trinidad

Bake and Shark

Food and Dining

Probably the most popular beach in Trinidad is Maracas Bay located on the north coast. After a scenic, winding 30-minute drive along the mountainside from the capital city, Port of Spain, visitors can relax and enjoy the panoramic vistas from the palm-fringed beach with its energetic waves.

However, no visit to Maracas Bay is complete without a trip to a bake and shark vendor. 

The delicious sandwiches are fried bread filled with seasoned fried-shark fillets, vegetables, fruit and an assortment of condiments ranging from sweet to very spicy.

Street Food: Delicious Snacks

Upon exiting the airport at Piarco, you are immediately tempted by the aroma of Doubles – a fried flat bread filled with curried chickpea. Equally popular is roti, an Indian flatbread with vegetables or curried meat filling. Doubles vendors are located across the island including popular areas such as Curepe, Debe, St. James, Ariapita Avenue, the Aranguez Savannah and more.

As a snack on the beach, fried bake and shark is always popular – a fried sandwich with shark fillet and vegetables. Pies filled with potatoes or your favourite meat are another tasty ‘street food’ option.

Close-up of Doubles, curried chickpea with sweet & savoury toppings / Photo Credit: Foodie Tales with Zaak

must-try food in Trinidad and Tobago

Ice-cold coconut from a local roadside vendor by the Queen's Park Savannah

Sweet Treats

Trinidad is easily the perfect place to enjoy a variety of sweet treats. These include tamarind balls, toolum, sugar cake, snow cone (colourful fruit-based syrups over shaved ice, drizzled with condensed milk). To cool the tropical temperature, persons should enjoy an ice-cold coconut water from a local roadside vendor.

International Dishes For All Tastes

Trinidad’s cuisine is world-renowned. At restaurants lining Ariapita Avenue, Queen’s Park Savannah in Port-of-Spain and available at other locations across the Island, you can enjoy dishes influenced by the islands’ cultural heritage: Spanish tapas, Japanese sushi and ramen, Indian curries, Lebanese, Italian, Chinese and Caribbean fusion cuisine.

Japanese ramen with Chashu pork / Photo Credit: Foodie Tales with Zaak