The most southern of the Caribbean Islands, Trinidad and Tobago is the ideal destination for any cruiser offering boaters not only a safe place to store vessels during the Atlantic Hurricane Season, but this beautiful twin Island Republic offers visitors “a home away from home” with lots to do, explore and enjoy all year through.

During the Atlantic Hurricane Season (June 1st to November 30th), the Caribbean Islands are generally impacted by several tropical storms and hurricanes.  However, the islands of Trinidad and Tobago lie south of normal hurricane belts and have only been visited by these storms and hurricanes on rare occasions; making this the ideal location for cruisers and other boaters to shelter from the storms.

Working in the Yard

Hurricane Tracking Chart from NOAAH in reference to Trinidad's location

Hurricane tracking in reference to Trinidad's ideal location

Yachting in Chaguaramas Trinidad - Caribbean Island Yachting

Yachting in Chaguaramas, Trinidad


With boat yards located in the north-west peninsula of Chaguaramas, Trinidad, this location boasts of some of the best repair facilities in the Caribbean.  The highly trained and widely experienced staff of the various boat yards are ready and available to provide service excellence.  Recognised for high quality and competitive pricing across the Caribbean, these boat yards offer great value repairs with readily available spare parts.

Yachting in Trinidad

Views of north-western Trinidad


Chaguaramas is home to several boat yards, marinas, chandleries, and marine service providers.  This peninsula is home to several picturesque beaches, hiking trails, leisure parks, wildlife, flora, fauna, shopping, and dining.

Over the years, cruisers have visited from Europe, South Africa, the USA, and several other countries.  Visitors experience a unique fusion of cultures in food, fashion, music, festivals, and other celebrations.  In this multicultural friendly society, cruisers easily connect with persons in the local community and return year after year to their “Trini family”.

The capital city of Port-of-Spain, neighbouring towns and communities also offer a wide array of quality shopping and food.  Beaches, waterfalls, hiking trails, birding sites, the mud volcano, the Caroni Bird Sanctuary, are just some popular sites for visitors to explore.

Cruisers enjoying a food tour in Trinidad

Cruisers enjoying a food tour in Trinidad


Formed in 1996, the Yacht Services Association of Trinidad and Tobago (YSATT) provides essential services to cruisers/boaters.  YSATT comprises Boatyards, Marinas, Chandleries, Contractors and Marine Service Providers.

YSATT is the recognised body for the industry and makes representation to the Government on behalf of the Industry.

YSATT can be contacted via e-mail: [email protected] or visit their website here.