Experience our unique Indo-Trinidadian cuisine from a variety of rotis, curries, street foods and so much more. Here’s a look at the unique experiences and vendors featured in Mark Wiens’ Indo-Trinidadian video.

Mark Wiens at Singh's Doubles in Debe, Trinidad



Head to Debe for a taste of one of our most iconic culinary treats, doubles, along with other delicacies featured including saheena. Doubles is our signature street foods, a fried flatbread filled with curried chickpeas, topped with sweet and savoury sauces. Doubles vendors are located across the island including popular areas such as Curepe, Debe, St. James, Ariapita Avenue, the Aranguez Savannah and more.

Singh’s Doubles

  • Location: San Fernando Siparia Erin Road, Debe


Mosquito Creek

Located just off the roundabout by Mosquito Creek is Gewandass Doubles. This popular vendor not only offers doubles, but their signature – the diamond doubles, as tasted by Mark. Included are three pieces of bara, dredged and topped with their roasted pepper sauce. A must-try menu option for spice lovers.

Gewandass Doubles

  • Location: Mosquito Creek (off the roundabout)
  • Phone: (868) 316-8449
  • Facebook

Mark Wiens and Camille (Food Fanatic) enjoying the diamond doubles from Gewandass Doubles

Mark Wiens and Foodie Tales with Zaak sitting down to eat at Aunty Doll's (Doll's Chulhas)



Get a taste of Aunty Doll’s sweet hand at Doll’s Chulhas in Fyzabad, for an authentic taste of our Indo-Trinidadian cuisine. Her home-based location provides you with an incredibly warm and welcoming atmosphere as you enjoy a range of menu items, prepared fresh by Aunty and her family. Included on his visit, Mark got a taste of curry-stew chicken, curry duck, curry shrimp, curry corn & crab, curry chataigne, coconut chutney, geera meat, channa & aloo, mango talkarie, mother-in-law, murtani, pumpkin, buss up shut roti, dhalpuri roti, pepper roti, ham, macaroni pie and more!

Doll’s Chulhas offers unique foodie experiences for groups, where you can get a taste of her sweet hand. Contact them via phone for bookings and catering options.

Doll’s Chulhas (Aunty Doll’s)

  • Location: Branch Road, Fyzabad
  • Phone: (868) 462-4196
  • Facebook


Special thanks to our incredible local foodies who joined Mark in this episode.

Foodie Tales with Zaak