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Itineraries: Birding in Trinidad

Calling all bird lovers! Dive into the vibrant world of Trinidad’s avian wonders with our birding itinerary. From the breathtaking Scarlet Ibis at the Caroni Bird Sanctuary to an array of hummingbirds at Yerette – here’s a look at some of our prime birding locations across the island, making Trinidad the perfect destination for birdwatchers.

HADCO Experiences at Asa Wright Nature Centre

Established as a not-for-profit trust in 1967, its aim was the protection of a portion of the Arima Valley in a natural state, and the protection of wildlife for all to enjoy. They are a leader among conservation NGO’s in Trinidad and Tobago, where visitors can encounter over 200 species of birds. In addition, take a hike or dip in one of their many trails or refreshing pools. Visitors can spend the night at the serene eco-lodge, being treated to local culinary delights.

Caroni Bird Sanctuary

Coming in at an impressive 12,000 acres, the Caroni Bird Sanctuary is the natural nesting home of one of the two national birds, the Scarlet Ibis, as well as over 100 other species of birds, caimans, swamp boas and crabs of different types. A 15-minute drive south of the capital city, numerous tour guides are available to navigate through the mazes of mangroves and waterways of the largest mangrove wetland on the island.

Bush Bush Sanctuary / Nariva Swamp

Situated at the southwestern region of the Nariva Swamp, over 200 species of birds and other animals call this nature reserve home. Bush Bush is a forested island covered with evergreen hardwood trees, from which howler monkeys, parrots and macaws can be heard calling.

  • Bookings: Nariva Bush Bush Tours (868) 367-1473, (868) 343-5115

Yerette: Home of the Hummingbird

One of the leading visitor attractions in the twin-island republic. Nestled in the lush Maracas Valley, Yerette is a hummingbird attraction providing an up-close look at 14 hummingbird species in their thousands throughout the year.

Pointe-a-Pierre Wildfowl Trust

Situated within the unusual location of an oil refinery complex, the Pointe-a-Pierre Wildfowl Trust is the second oldest wetland conservation trust in the world. Founded in 1966, the Trust is dedicated to environmental education and breeding and reintroducing locally endangered waterfowl back into the wild.

Bajnath Estate Hummingbird Sanctuary

A family-run estate found in the Matura National Park, Bajnath’s offers a peaceful, private and pristine atmosphere, nestled in untouched rainforest teeming with many types of birds and wildlife. Activities offered include bird watching, hiking and a waterfall tour, among others.

Photo Credit: Bajnath Estate Hummingbird Sanctuary

Cumaca Cave

In the southeastern area of the Northern Range lies the Cumaca Cave, a quite large cave system home to two distinct nocturnal flying animals: bats and oilbirds. Oilbirds are the only nocturnal fruit-eating birds in the world. The cave boasts the largest colony of oilbirds in the country, and other species such as nocturnal South American catfish also call the cave home.

Esperanza Alta Hummingbirds

Located in the St. Anns Valley, Esperanza Alta specializes in educational school tours, teaching the importance of pollination and sustaining fragile ecosystems and the many different creatures who inhabit them. Hummingbirds are ever-present, and there is even a budgie and bunny home. Morning and afternoon tours are also offered for adults.

Photo Credit: Esperanza Alta Hummingbirds

Royal Botanic Gardens

One of the oldest botanic gardens in the world, the Royal Botanic Gardens was conceived by Sir Ralph Woodford, Trinidad’s first civilian British governor. Established in 1818, it is home to roughly 700 trees including species from all over the world. A popular spot for walks, picnics and quiet recreation, it is excellent for birdwatching, with parrots, macaws, woodpeckers and a host of other avians on display.

Pax Guest House

Located in the mountains of Mt. St. Benedict, Pax Guest House is “a nature lodge giving you a firsthand experience of the flora and fauna of Trinidad.” Established in 1916 and well-renowned for its beauty, you’re guaranteed to relax amidst this guest house’s peaceful surroundings or take one of its guided birdwatching tours.

Cafe Mariposa Gardens

A family-run restaurant and B&B, Café Mariposa Gardens is situated in a private and secure niche in the Lopinot Valley—an ideal location for families and groups to experience the joys of nature. Founded in 2001, the café has evolved into an operation where you may dine-in with hummingbirds, go on tours , purchase their dark chocolate and a host of other activities.

Photo Credit: Cafe Mariposa Gardens

The Arena Dam

The Arena Dam is the largest ever built in Trinidad and Tobago. Reaching up to 134 ft. in height, it has, however, not destroyed the beauty of the natural environment. Play parks for children as well as picnic tables and huts are available, and species such as hawks, water tyrants, Black-Bellied ducks and caimans reside in the vicinity.

Hollis Dam

Possessing a distinctly untouched beauty, the Hollis Reservoir is the oldest of its kind in Trinidad, first commissioned in 1936. The Hollis catchment area supports a wide range of flora and fauna of all types, including more than 90 species of bird, of which some are visitors from North and South America.

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