Experience our eclectic and diverse street food in Port of Spain, Trinidad. Here’s a look at the unique experiences and vendors featured in Mark Wiens’ capital city street food tour of Trinidad.

Mark Wiens at the Central Market in Port of Spain


Port of Spain

Located in our capital city, the Central Market is a bustling hub for fresh local fruits, vegetables, spices and so much more. Not to forget, incredibly delectable bites are found throughout the market and food court where you can indulge in savoury fish broth and beef soup.

Central Market

  • Location: Beetham Hwy, Port of Spain
  • Open Saturday & Sunday


with Eatahfood

A warm, rich and hearty dish prepared with dasheen (also known as taro). Callaloo is often served with rice or provisions

(root vegetables) such as dasheen. To top it off, add a slice of our creamy local zaboca (avocado). Callaloo is often served as part of our local ‘Sunday lunch’ prepared at home, but often found at many restaurants and vendors throughout the island.

Find Eatahfood Online:

Mark Wiens swizzling and eating callaloo alongside Baidawi from Eatahfood and David of D' Market Movers

Dosti roti being prepared at Kanhai's Roti in St. James


St. James, Port of Spain

Located in the thriving district of St. James is the renowned Kanhai’s Roti, known for their dosti roti. Rotis are prepared fresh right on the tawa (iron plate) and filled with various curried meats and fillings such as pumpkin and channa (chickpea).

Kanhai’s Roti

  • Location: 81 Western Main Road, Port of Spain
  • Contact: (868) 682-4197


Port of Spain

In the heart of the city, head to the Queen’s Park Savannah, Port of Spain’s largest open green space, and hub for incredible street food in the evening. From local soups to savoury fried delicacies, refreshing beverages and spicy ‘cutters’, the Savannah is the perfect location to indulge in our ‘sweet hand’ offering of diverse street foods in our capital.

Featured Vendors:

  • Rohan’s: (868) 328-8176
  • Country Style Hot & Tasty Doubles & Pies: (868) 345-4413
  • Betty’s
  • Michelle’s Natural Delights: (868) 351-2025
  • Sharon’s Bake and Shark: (868) 473-1191
  • Juice Me Juices: (868) 380-5504
  • Keke’s Roast Fish: (868) 335-9992

Mark Wiens and Foodie Tales with Zaak eating doubles in Queen's Park Savannah, Port of Spain

Mark Wiens, Foodies Tales with Zaak and Hungry Belly 868 eating gyros at Yousef's Gyros on the Avenue in Port of Spain


Ariapita Avenue, Port of Spain

Indulge in the incredibly savoury and satisfying array of items available from Yousef Gyros, conveniently located along the energetic Ariapita Avenue (also known as the Avenue) strip in Port of Spain, which features a range of bars and restaurants for an enjoyable night out in our capital city. Yousef’s offers a variety of gyros including lamb, chicken, beef, shrimp, veggies and fish. You can also try some of their popular gyro specials including the Trini or Havana.

Yousef Gyros

  • Location: Corner of Ariapita Avenue & Murray Street, Port of Spain
  • Opening Hours: 9AM – 4AM (Sunday-Thursday), 9AM – 7AM (Friday-Saturday)
  • Contact: (868) 682-4197


El Socorro, San Juan

Get your late night fix of some of our most popular street foods at Dass Doubles Factory. Enjoy doubles made fresh or try their baigan (also known as eggplant or aubergine) or aloo (potato) pie filled with savoury curried channa, topped with sweet and savoury sauces. Dass Doubles Factory also offers catering for functions, parties and events.

Dass Doubles Factory

  • Location: El Socorro Extension 2, San Juan
  • Opening Hours: 11:30PM – 6:00AM
  • Contact: (868) 736-2529

Mark Wiens getting a behind the scenes look at Dass Doubles Factory

Mark Wiens enjoying the steelpan performance at HADCO Phase II Pan Groove in Woodbrook


Woodbrook, Port of Spain

Experience the sweet sounds of our National instrument, the steelpan at HADCO Phase II Pan Groove during a lively pan yard lime, where you can immerse yourself with incredible music and drinks. Customised tours and performances can be requested via email or phone.

HADCO Phase II Pan Groove

  • Location: 13 Hamilton Street, Woodbrook
  • Opening Hours: Generally from 7:00PM Daily
  • Contact: (868) 675-7628 or (868) 682-7540
  • Private Event Bookings: Available Upon Request
  • Parking: Yes
  • Amenities:
    • Fully stocked/Full bar
    • Access to wi-fi
    • Bathroom facilities (with baby changing station)
    • Open Air Live Band Experience

Find HADCO Phase II Pan Groove Online:

Featured Catered Vendors:


Special thanks to our incredible local foodies who joined Mark in this episode.

Foodie Tales with Zaak


D'Market Movers