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20 Incredible Photos that Capture Trinidad’s Beauty

From secluded bays in Toco to capturing smiles during the Greatest Show on Earth, here are 20 incredible photos captured by our #visitTrinidad Photographers of the Month in 2020.

Our Photographers of the Month for 2020 included Trinidad & Tobago Rocks, Ziad Joseph, Tevin Mills, Thimothy A. Ali and Gabriella Garcia. Be sure to take a look at their links at the end of this post, to see more of their work.


Photography Credit: T&T Rocks

“This one was taken very long ago. After visiting the Pitch Lake for first time I tried to get to a beach and drove to Point Fortin. Looooong drive. It was a rainy day and it got late, too late to take photos with natural light. But, luckily, as I jumped out of the car when I arrived, I saw a beautiful scene; a man was helping his young daughter get to the beach to go swimming. He was holding a colourful big umbrella and you could tell how much he loves her. She swam while he patiently waited for her keeping the towel dry under the huge umbrella. When she came out of the water, rain stopped and the last ray of sunlight showed up for a few seconds. I had to snap the shot even though the lighting conditions were terrible. It’s a great memory, another reminder that love is all around us. The face of this man looking at the camera still impacts me every time I see the photo.”


Photography Credit: T&T Rocks

“During Carnival Tuesday for pretty mas celebrations, Masqueraders walk for miles around the city. One of the locations where you can find ‘real magic in the air’ is crossing Saint James. Entering Saint James, I remembered seeing a beautiful masquerader, wearing a full white costume. She was having the time of her life, her smile and dancing was contagious. Truly vibes!

The magic was in front of my lenses but it was challenging because she was moving very fast and it was a cloudy sunset. So I was missing light. In one moment she found her family in the streets and after dancing with her mom, she held the girl in her arms. It was one of the Carnival moments where you can feel the love Freetown talks about.”


Photography Credit: T&T Rocks

“Walking around downtown during the early morning of Carnival Tuesday was one of the best street photography experiences I had. The energy of the city is on fire. Everyone is on the streets and love is in the air. Walking through, I saw a mother combing her daughter’s hair outside their house. I stopped for 10 seconds and we had a short and beautiful interaction full of smiles. I plan to pass by the same house again to give them a printed version of this photo.”


Photography Credit: T&T Rocks

“During Carnival 2020 for the first time there was a fete called IRON PARK, which fused traditional steelpan with Soca.

Desperados Steel Orchestra had a performance which featured Nailah singing her hit song ‘More Sokah’. After her performance, Nailah was enjoying the fete; the energy was high, with the mix of Soca deejays and steelpan bands playing live.

Spontaneously, Nailah started to dance in the middle of the crowd. The place was completely dark and I was very far; but thanks to the videographer’s light, I captured the moment.”


Photography Credit: Tevin Mills

“La Forêt beach is revered by photographers for its many unique compositional elements, its exclusivity and most of all, its ideal location for observing many astronomical events. This has quickly become one of my favourite photography camp spots for capturing sunrises, sunsets, the milky-way galaxy and, as seen here in this image, meteor showers. On this night, we set out to capture the Perseid meteor shower, one of the most anticipated annual celestial events across the globe! After a few hours, many clouds, and a change in composition, I was lucky enough to capture this rogue meteor, the outer glow of the moon and Jupiter aligned over this popular rock formation.”


Photography Credit: Tevin Mills

“Grande Riviere is famous for its turtle watching and tourism, a popular spot for viewing the Carib Great Race when competing boats would enter the Grande Riviere bay before heading out to Tobago. One of Grande Riviere’s most noteworthy attractions though, is the thing the village is named after, the big river! Nothing beats sitting at the river’s edge, listening to the waves of the ocean crashing behind you, waiting for the sunrise to be at the perfect point for the perfect photo. We’ve visited this spot numerous mornings, hunting the perfect conditions, and this morning we were beyond blessed with it.”


Photography Credit: Tevin Mills

“L’Anse Chette Bay, more commonly known to locals of Toco village as Patience Bay, is one of Toco’s best kept secrets that is hidden in plain sight. Access to this beautiful piece of coastal paradise is not easily noticed by the unsuspecting passer-by, making its neighbouring beach, Salybia Bay, more commonly referred to as Toco beach, the more popular option of the two, with easier access and more amenities. Because of this, L’Anse Chette is the perfect getaway for a quiet, relaxing swim, away from the crowds found at many other bathing spots. The famous Salybia coral reef also joins into this bay. Because this coral reef ecosystem exists in such shallow waters, during low tides, large portions of the reef can be seen and explored.”


Photography Credit: Tevin Mills

“This extremely hidden gem lies in the village of Matura, a waterfall whose existence I had no idea of, until only a few months ago, despite my living in Toco all my life. So, being the adventurous photographer in search of the unique, I just had to capture this. Getting to it proved to be easier than expected, though its location is very elusive, and it’s pool though deep is not very large, making it less than ideal for tours by large groups but perfect for a private get away with friends.”


Photography Credit: Ziad Joseph

“One thing is for certain, regardless of which path you take in Manzanilla-Mayaro you will find beauty; all roads leads to paradise in this part of the island. While navigating this renowned stretch of coastal roadway there are many little access roads to the ocean which wind their way through the numerous coconut trees. I was able to find one such pathway shortly after sunrise as shown in this image as the morning sunshine shone on lush low vegetation and coconut trees creating an inviting scene.”


Photography Credit: Ziad Joseph

“This image was one of many captured of one particular Poui Tree which seemed to be one of the most beautiful full blooms of any Poui Tree I have seen in several years. Though not the most vivid pink version, this seemingly lighter pink variety and its location in the Queen’s Park Savannah seemed to have the right ingredients for the perfect shot. That being said I felt the need to capture it somewhat differently as the dense flowers and low hanging branches beckoned for a closer view than I am usually inclined to capture. From the details of the branches and tree trunk to the colours of the green foliage and pink flowers this was a simple but one of my memorable Poui tree captures in recent times.”


Photography Credit: Ziad Joseph

“If you have been following my photography for some time now or even if you are now joining me for this journey, you would realize that I have an obsession with Poui Trees and I know I am not the only one! Nothing grabs your attention and makes your jaw drop like a majestic Poui tree in full bloom. One morning a random drive along the Lady Chancellor Hill presented me with the discovery of a selection of bright yellow Poui trees blooming almost all at once scattered along the hillsides of Cascade, St. Anns and environs. I was elated to luckily capture a shot I never had before as I was able to get a small group of these Yellow Poui trees with the backdrop of Port of Spain in the distance. The added shades of lush greens from other trees were further accentuated as sunlight illuminated the hillside making the area seem like an oasis in the urban jungle.”


Photography Credit: Ziad Joseph

“Among many other connotations, Easter is commonly associated with kite flying and other family-oriented activities during this holiday period. This is the time when the many green spaces, parks and beaches are frequented; the Queen’s Park Savannah is no exception as droves of families converge on these grounds to frolic and allow the kids space to run and play. This is precisely the story here in this image, as an Easter Sunday afternoon activity is captured with the golden sun illuminating everyone innocently playing or flying their kite, the snow cone vendor plying his trade as he pushes his cart on the parched savannah grass from the heat and dry season. Times like these make me cherish these simple activities which characterize our twin island nation.”


Photography Credit: Thimothy A. Ali

“Never to be underestimated, the outgoing surge of a crashed wave is captured as the ocean pulls the wave back into its depths of rocky darkness.”


Photography Credit: Thimothy A. Ali

“Only at the right angle one can see this unique design of nature as the sun kisses the rocks to highlight its true form.. Some might say it is a Bear and some would say a Dire Wolf created by Medusa.”


Photography Credit: Thimothy A. Ali

“With warnings of incoming bad weather I set out on a quick drive to Balandra Bay with the expectation of some high swells made for surfers. However I was treated with this moment of beauty capped with the remnants of a Rainbow or as the french would say ‘Arc En Ciel’.”


Photography Credit: Thimothy A. Ali

This moment was captured by Thimothy on an early morning trek in January 2020 highlighting the rich greenery of the Northern Range.


Photography Credit: Gabriella Garcia

“One positive outcome of this year has been the deep desire to explore our local gems. I only discovered the ‘Fire Trail’ in Chancellor earlier this year and it’s easily become one of my favourite spots. The best time to hike is late afternoon when you’re rewarded with a majestic sunset and views as far as down the islands”


Photography Credit: Gabriella Garcia

“We don’t immediately consider the Central Range when thinking of picturesque views, but in fact it is quite stunning to sit, watching the rolling hills and the lights of the Northern Range in the distance. This photo was taken at Ajoupa Gardens, a beautifully quaint property owned by locals where you can rent a cabin for the real peace and quiet.”


Photography Credit: Gabriella Garcia

“Not many realize that we have forests of Pine trees right here in the Northern Range. Whenever I hike up the trails and stand amongst these trees, with the cooler wind blowing against my back, it easily feels like I’m standing in a Christmas tree farm, right here in the Caribbean.”


Photography Credit: Gabriella Garcia

“One positive outcome of this year has been the deep desire to explore our local gems. I only discovered the ‘Fire Trail’ in Chancellor earlier this year and it’s easily become one of my favourite spots. The incline is steep but walking through hundreds of pine trees makes it easier & the views are so rewarding. Here you can see sweeping views of Port of Spain and the tip of the Caroni Swamp.”



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