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10 Places To Eat For A Unique Local Experience

10 Places To Eat For A Unique Local Experience

Here in Trinidad, we have an incredibly flavourful gastronomic offering, stemming from our diverse cultural makeup. From traditional ‘sweet hand’ meals to street food, we can guarantee that each bite you take will offer an explosion of rich flavour to satisfy your taste buds. Here are 10 places to eat for a unique local experience.

Places to eat in Trinidad

Richard’s Bake & Shark

popular restaurants in Trinidad

Veni Mange


This eclectic restaurant is located on the lively Ariapita Avenue – also known as the Avenue, serving up delicious Creole cuisine alongside vibrant local Caribbean artwork. Patrons can feast on savoury traditional offerings such as Callaloo (local vegetable) Soup, Curried Crab and Stewed Oxtail with Dumplings. Finish off with sweet treats like Coconut Chip Ice Cream or Soursop (local fruit) Sorbet.


This modern restaurant provides patrons with a contemporary twist on our favourites, oh so well. Chef Khalid Mohammed adds gastronomic flair to local ingredients, with menu items such as Sorrel (herb plant-like hibiscus) Lacquered Roasted Duck Breast or Fire-Roasted Tomato-Melongene (Eggplant) Choka. Pair these fine offerings with signature cocktails including a Tamarind-Rum Sour or Virgin Lychee-Passion Mojito.


A trip to Trinidad isn’t complete without a visit to Maracas Bay and sampling our famous, Bake & Shark. This signature menu item consists of fresh bake (like bread), halved and served with savoury fried shark fillets; though patrons have additional options such as shrimp, veggies or cheese. Provided are a range of delectable toppings including salad, pineapple, sauces and so much more. Though we’re a huge fan of beachside dining, patrons can also visit the new location in St. James, Port of Spain for the same tasty experience.


Visit one of Trinidad’s many roti shops across the island, to enjoy one of the most satisfying (and filling) delicacies we have. Roti shops offer a range of roti skins including ‘buss up shut’ (fluffy, buttery and silky), ‘dhalpurie’ (stuffed with seasoned split peas), dosti (thin roti) and sada (like naan or pita bread). Roti options are paired with savoury curried options such as goat, chicken, shrimp, beef and veggies. Some roti shops have extended menus including street food snacks like Pholourie or Saheena (fried delicacies), that we highly recommend. Here are some roti shops around the country you should try.


    • Address: Western Main Road, St. James


Cafes in Trinidad

Femmes du Chalet (Breakfast Shed)

What to eat in Trinidad

Juman’s Roti Shop


Stop by the International Waterfront Centre where you’ll be treated to an array of local vendors at the Breakfast Shed. Indulge in local delicacies including smoked herring, fresh fried or roasted bake, corn soup, stewed chicken, provisions (vegetables like yam and cassava) and so much more. Though named the ‘breakfast’ shed, patrons can enjoy a bite for lunch with the perfect waterfront views of Port of Spain

    • Address: International Waterfront Centre, Wrightson Road, Port of Spain


The ultimate Trini street food. Doubles are a staple that can be found almost anywhere. Traditionally, you’ll find a doubles vendor in the morning or evening, identifiable with a table, cart or tent setup. Having a chat with locals can surely direct you to crowd favourite vendors that are nearby. Doubles are made by taking two pieces of fried bara (like a flatbread dough), filled with savoury channa (chickpeas). Doubles can be topped with condiments such as mango chutney, chadon beni (herb like cilantro) chutney, pepper sauce, shredded cucumber and more. Doubles are served fresh and hot to eat on the spot or wrapped up to go. This local staple is not just filling, but easy on the pockets, typically priced at 5 TTD.

Food to eat in Trinidad

Ducky’s Ortoire Organic Roast Seafood

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Cafe Mariposa


Take a scenic drive to the stunning Mayaro and enjoy a taste of fresh seafood delights at Ducky’s. Each daily catch, including lobster, is deliciously seasoned with chandon beni and garlic, roasted fireside on banana leaves. Located along the Ortoire River, a trip to Ducky’s makes for a great mini road trip.


Café Mariposa provides one of the most picturesque dining experiences, tucked away in the scenic and historic community of Lopinot. Café Mariposa specializes in Spanish-Creole cuisine, unique to Trinidad’s indigenous ancestors. Those with a sweet tooth will be delighted to try their homegrown cocoa specialities, including the award-winning Chocolate Ponche de Crème Ice Cream. Enjoy their Grain-Free Sandwiches or Vegan Platters for a taste of local. Best of all, dine in a gorgeous garden setting, surrounded by dozens of lively hummingbirds.


Nestled in the rural village of Rousillac, Wally’s Smokehouse is an authentic mom-and-pop hotspot to visit when in Southern Trinidad. Patrons can enjoy delectable smoked meats such as chicken, ribs and lamb.

    • Address: 1451 Southern Main Road, Rousillac Village, Rousillac
    • Phone:+1 868 372 4608


If you find yourself in Central Trinidad, head over to Bobbie’s Restaurant in Palmiste Village or Cunupia, for a taste of authentic Indo-Caribbean cuisine. Choose from a selection of savoury rice or roti paired with curried meats or veggies. Top things off with a hearty bowl of pigtail or veggie soup.

    • Address: Caparo Valley Main Road, Palmiste Village, Chaguanas & 509 Southern Main Rd, Cunupia
    • Phone:+1 868 672 3351 for Palmiste & +1 868 777 2900 for Cunupia
Restaurants in Trinidad

Bobbie’s Restaurant