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Caroni Bird Sanctuary

Winston Nanan’s Caroni Bird Sanctuary Tours

Experience the thrill of motor-boating through a maze of mangrove-lined waterways in the Winston Nanan Caroni Bird Sanctuary with the company that started the tours there in the early 1940s. Nanan’s Bird Sanctuary Tours has been operating our signature boat tours for over (60) years in the Caroni Swamp. In fact, the Caroni Swamp was declared a sanctuary when the founder of Nanan’s Tours, Simon Oudit Nanan, and his son, Winston Nanan, submitted a petition to the government outlining the importance and possibilities of the Caroni Bird Sanctuary.

Today, the Caroni Bird Sanctuary is known throughout the world and has emerged as a National Treasure. In honour of the lifelong dedication of Winston Nanan to the development of this precious bird conservation site, in June 2015 the Caroni Bird Sanctuary was renamed the Winston Nanan Caroni Bird Sanctuary.

Nanan’s Bird Sanctuary Tours are recognized worldwide and trusted for their professionalism, information and safety. Visitors cruise through the beautiful, serene mangrove wetland – home of the exotic Scarlet Ibis. The journey in the sanctuary gives the opportunity to see mammals, reptiles, marine organisms and many species of birds. You also see the different species of mangrove in which they have adapted to this environment creating one of the most beautiful mangrove wetlands in the Western Hemisphere. All boats are equipped with life jackets for every guest.

All COVID-19 safety protocols observed including physical distancing and regular sanitization of boats.

  • Time: 11:00 a.m. – 1:45 p.m.
  • Cost: Contact to confirm (dependent on group size)