Scarlet Ibises in the sky

You can spot beautiful birds from almost any vantage point on the islands but the Asa Wright Nature Centre in the centre of the rainforest of Trinidad’s Northern Range is one of the most popular spots for birding worldwide. Over 160 bird species can be spotted along the centre’s trails, including rare hummingbirds, bananaquits and toucans.

The Pointe-a-Pierre Wild Fowl Trust is dedicated to the conservation of wetlands and waterfowls. Some of the birds to look out for here are whistling ducks, Muscovy ducks and blue and yellow macaws.

At Yerette – Home of the Hummingbird in the little town of St. Joseph, you’ll find 14 of the 17 indigenous hummingbirds like Tufted Coquettes flitting and dancing by to your heart’s content.

A tour of the Caroni Bird Sanctuary, a protected world-renowned wetland area, is also really exciting. You can see impressive birds like Great egrets, Gray herons and darters. Each day, flocks of Scarlet Ibises fill the evening sky in a magnificent spectacle of brilliance that you can see on a tour of the Caroni Bird Sanctuary.