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My Trinidad Bucket List with Candace Guppy Sobion

Trinidad-born, Candace Guppy Sobion shares some of her bucket list things to do in Trinidad with us. As Creative Director of Candy Coated Experiences, Candace and her team have curated some of the best local events and tours, from sip and sails in the scenic mangroves of the Caroni Bird Sanctuary, to walking on stilts and learning about our historic Carnival traditions and Moko Jumbies. Discover more experiences available from Candy Coated Experiences here.

What’s one hidden gem you recommend visiting or experiencing?

CGS: The L’eau Michel Mud Volcano. Also known as the Bunsee Trace Mud Volcano for the village it is situated in. A short hike/walk away, you will discover one of Trinidad’s hidden gems a wide-open pool formed by this particular mud volcano that you can dive in and experience the most therapeutic natural spas right here in Trinidad.

Visit Trinidad: In our series Tour Trinidad TV, host Tevyn Gill, and guests Kayla & Tenielle head to south to explore the magnificent L’eau Michel Mud Volcano. Watch here.

What is the best place to capture photos in Trinidad?

CGS: Ahhhh! That would be Manzanilla into Mayaro stretch. A drive along the Eastern Coast of Trinidad from sunset to sunrise, pull aside and capture the beauty that the canopy of Coconut Trees leaves to escort you on your journey.

What’s your favourite place to eat in Trinidad?

CGS: Road Side Vendors – the Street Food in Trinidad will take your taste buds on a culinary journey. My favourite being the Vendors that convert their van trays into little mini restaurants serving hot on the spot Doubles, Katchorie, Saheena, Bhaiganee, Aloo Pies and Pholourie – you can find them scattered around Trinidad in different villages mostly on mornings serving up breakfast to their usuals and visitors alike. My favourite is the one at Cumuto Junction – where good food meets good vibes! 

Roadside Vendors in Trinidad - Photo Copyright Candace Guppy Sobion-min

Roadside Vendor in Trinidad / Copyright: Candace Guppy Sobion

Roadside Vendor in Trinidad - Photo Copyright Candace Guppy Sobion-min

Roadside Vendor in Trinidad / Copyright: Candace Guppy Sobion

What’s your favourite location in Trinidad to explore?

CGS: I would have to say that there’s something about the North Coast of Trinidad that leaves you wanting more, from Chaguaramas to Toco. The vast array of experiences will keep all your senses engaged from the food, to the wildlife, to the people, the communities, the beaches and the serene accommodations that welcome you along the way. On this stretch you can take long hikes, gentle walks in nature, boat trips to off shore islands, check into an eco-nature lodge in Grand Riviere and enjoy a night under the stars, take a walk down memory lane in communities like Paramin that preserve our tradition and culture, take a dip in some of the most beautiful beaches in Trinidad – my favourite being Las Cuevas Beach but not before stopping to enjoy a world-renowned Bake and Shark from Maracas Beach.

What’s your favourite thing to do in Trinidad?

CGS: Discovering more through Road Tripping, one thing I’ve found is that as small an island as we are we seem to have infinite road trips routes throughout the island. You can drive for days and still not discover all the mud volcanoes – all with a story of its own to tell, the beautiful nature walks with rare species of flora and fauna, the pristine beaches – where you can walk for miles and miles. One of the best parts of road tripping through Trinidad for me is meeting the people in different communities along the way, stopping at the road side vendors to sample and purchase their home grown fruits and vegetables and hearing a little about their story. 

If you could recommend one eco-attraction, what would it be?

CGS: It would be Bush Bush Wildlife and Nature Sanctuary – I first visited this place in my teenage years and the memories of that experience has never left me. Visiting as an adult only left me as more spellbound with more questions about the vast expanse that is the Nariva Swamp where this sanctuary is situated – the largest wetland in Trinidad and home to the West Indian Manatee along with hundreds of species of birds, reptiles, mammals and fishes. You can experience a walk through the forest and then kayak or boat your way through the swamp.


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