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My Trinidad: Top Things to Do with Joshua Regrello

Joshua Regrello is a 23-year-old pannist and content creator. He started playing the steelpan at the age of 3 years old and soon after became a member of Skiffle Bunch now known as the Caribbean Airlines Skiffle Steel Orchestra. Joshua performs steelpan covers that are very popular on social media. Additionally, Joshua enjoys vlogging as well as making other creative videos. You can check out Joshua’s work on all social media platforms by simply searching his full name or clicking on the link below.

Where is your favourite place to eat in Trinidad?

JR: I’d say having a Bake and Shark on the beach in Maracas.

Probably the most popular beach in Trinidad is Maracas Bay on the north coast, a winding 30-minute drive along the mountainside from the capital city, Port-of-Spain. Visitors enjoy the panoramic vistas of the palm-fringed beach with its energetic waves. No visit to Maracas Bay is complete without a trip to a bake and shark vendor. The delicious sandwiches are fried bread filled with seasoned fried-fillets, vegetables, fruit and an assortment of condiments ranging from sweet to very spicy. Additional options also include delicious kingfish or shrimp!

The incredibly scenic Maracas Bay / Photo Credit: Nadia Sanowar

What’s one local dish that anyone visiting Trinidad should try?

JR: A doubles! hands, down.

Upon exiting the airport at Piarco, you are immediately tempted by the aroma of Doubles – a fried flat bread filled with curried chickpea. Equally popular is roti, an Indian flatbread with vegetables or curried meat filling. Doubles vendors are located across the island including popular areas such as Curepe, Debe, St. James, Ariapita Avenue, the Aranguez Savannah and more.

What’s one hidden gem you recommend visiting or experiencing?

JR: – Interestingly enough, I would say going to a Panorama rehearsal at a Panyard. Liming at a panyard for a little. It’ll be truly interesting and enjoyable!

Learn more about our world-famous Bake and Shark from Maracas Bay in Trinidad

Steelpan lovers move from panyard to panyard for the North Panorama Large preliminary judging steelpan crawl

What’s the best place to capture photos in Trinidad?

JR: Manzanilla!

Fifteen miles of beachfront on the rural, east coast of Trinidad is called Manzanilla. On the interior, flowing parallel to the beach shoreline is the Nariva Swamp which is home to a variety of freshwater animals and precious wildlife. The single road of beach and the swamp is lined with coconut palm trees and is one of the largest, local leatherback turtle nesting beaches on the island.

In 2015, the Manzanilla Boardwalk was built across 800 feet of beachfront to create a space for beachgoers to enjoy the east coast. The Manzanilla beach facility also has changing rooms, bath and toilet facilities.

Manzanilla Boardwalk in Trinidad
Manzanilla Boardwalk in Trinidad
Visit Manzanilla in Trinidad (1)

What is one must try bucket list experience in Trinidad?

JR: Carnival!

Joshua Regrello - Skiffle - Playing Steelpan in Trinidad - Trinidad and Tobago Carnival
Joshua Regrello - Skiffle - Steelpan in Trinidad - Trinidad and Tobago Carnival
Joshua Regrello - Skiffle - Steelpan Panyard in Trinidad - Trinidad and Tobago Carnival

Joshua playing steelpan with Caribbean Airlines Skiffle Steel Orchestra / Photos Courtesy of: Joshua Regrello

What’s your favourite location in Trinidad & Tobago to explore?

JR: I would say Tobago on a whole!

Located just 20 miles from Trinidad is our sister isle, Tobago. During a day trip to the island, travellers can enjoy a range of relaxing excursions, such as diving in Speyside to explore the largest brain coral in the world or experiencing a glass-bottom boat tour of the famous, Nylon Pool.

Joshua Regrello in Trinidad and Tobago
Joshua Regrello - Hiking in Trinidad
Joshua Regrello - Visit Trinidad

Photos Courtesy of: Joshua Regrello

If you could recommend one eco-attraction, what would it be?

JR: Any of our beautiful hikes!

From Avocat Waterfall to Aripo Cave, find adventure in Trinidad by exploring one of our many hiking trails across the island.


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