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Mark Wiens visits Trinidad and Tobago

Tourism Trinidad Limited is thrilled to have brought renowned culinary food blogger and YouTuber, Mark Wiens to Trinidad and Tobago to experience our incredible culinary offering and unique culture. Over the course of 9 days, Mark ventured throughout the island to experience our sweet hand, trying well over 50 different types of food and drink from various communities, local shops and vendors that best represent our diversity such as Sunday lunch, doubles, various curries, fresh seafood and fruit, local snacks, stewed meats and so much more.
From seeing the process of growing one of the hottest chili peppers in world, native to Trinidad and Tobago (Trinidad Moruga scorpion) to indulging in our tasty street food, Mark was able to partake in a range of experiences, including beyond culinary, attending a CPL T20 game at Queen’s Park Oval, panyard lime at Hadco Phase II Pan Grove and will cap off with an incredible sunset tour at the renowned Caroni Bird Sanctuary. Regarding his trip to Trinidad, Mark shared:

Trinidad has been an incredible experience. People have welcomed us with open arms, the beauty of the island is spectacular, and the food has been an overdose of delicious spice and flavor! Thank you to the people of Trinidad for being so cool and sharing your love of food with me!

Tourism Trinidad Limited CEO (Ag) Carla Cupid says:

Tourism Trinidad is proud to have brought Mark to our twin islands, in our extended and relentless effort to highlight and showcase our rich culinary landscape to the world in an authentic and resonating manner. In addition to visiting Trinidad, Mark’s experience also includes Tobago, which allows him a 360 view of both island experiences in his trip. We are excited to continue to work with influencers and bloggers who bring Destination Trinidad to the world.

We are excited to have also invited many foodies to join in on the culinary experiences with Mark Wiens including Foodie Tales with Zaak, Tony Chow, Chef Ben Quan, Foodie Nation (Jadee’s Vlog and Kezzie), EatAhFood, D’ Market Movers, FoodFanatic, Trini Surfer, Raymond Edwards, Damian Luk Pat and HungryBelly868.

We look forward to Mark Wiens highlighting Trinidad and Tobago in his upcoming videos to be shared on his YouTube channel, Migrationology with Mark Wiens here.


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