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#myTrinidad: Stef Kalloo’s Top Things to Do in Trinidad

Stef Kalloo is an award-nominated singer/songwriter and bellydancer hailing from the twin-island republic of Trinidad and Tobago. Her island style can definitely be heard in her music which is a fusion of pop, reggae, dancehall and electronic dance elements. Stef has an international flair that can appeal to a global audience as she plans to spread the Caribbean sound and vibes around the world. She was nominated and awarded for the best female urban award locally in Trinidad (TTUMA) for her contributions in music.

Get inspired for your trip to Trinidad, with Stef’s top picks for things to do while visiting Trinidad.

What’s your favourite place to eat in Trinidad?
SK: Definitely my Mother’s food at home lol. Of course when I’m not eating doubles or sushi or roti, my mom’s curry crab and dumpling is like no other.
From street food full of character, to world-class fine dining experiences, Trinidad is a food lover’s paradise. Come try our “sweet hand” for yourself! Learn more about our cuisine here.
What’s one ‘hidden gem’ you recommend visiting or experiencing?
SK: I would definitely recommend Avocat Waterfall. It’s one of my favourite spots for sure in the north coast to visit and it’s definitely a gem. The hike is about 20 mins to the waterfall beauty located in Blanchisseuse.
Interested in visiting Avocat Waterfall (Petit Marianne)? The adventure starts in the north coast hiking up rivers and climbing through uncharted rain forests to the stunning 72ft Avocat Waterfall. You will experience the natural history of magnificent rainforest, trees, butterflies and forest birds. The trail leads to an enchanting stream with an abundance of anthuriums and heliconias on its banks. You can swim in the small pool or sit for a natural drumming massage at the base of the falls and if adventurous, hike to the top of the falls and take a plunge over the side, rappelling back to the waterfall’s pool.
Trini Curry Crab and Dumplings- Stef Kalloo's Top Things to Do in Trinidad

Curry Crab & Dumpling / Photo Credit: Stef Kalloo

Avocat Waterfall in Trinidad - Waterfalls in Trinidad - Stef Kalloo

Avocat Waterfall / Photo Credit: Stef Kalloo

Avocat-Waterfall-in-Trinidad-700x500 2

Hikers relaxing at Avocat Waterfall

Best place to capture photos in Trinidad?
SK: I would say any location with a body of water or a view lol. We have some beautiful locations for sure .. Here’s a little clip of my music video “Caribbean Gyal” to depict our lovely scenic spots 🙂
From hidden gems to local favourites, Trinidad’s coastline boasts some pretty unique beaches from Maracas Bay to Vessigny Beach and more.
What’s one must try bucket list experience in Trinidad?
SK: If you visit Trinidad for Carnival time I would definitely recommend playing J’ouvert. The energy is amazing and I love dancing in the streets with my friends & beautiful people to the sounds of soca.
Known as the ‘Greatest Show on Earth’, Trinidad and Tobago’s Carnival is officially celebrated on the Monday and Tuesday before Ash Wednesday every year.
What’s your favourite location in Trinidad to explore?
SK: I would say Yarra Beach or Marianne River in Blanchisseuse. It’s absolutely stunning and a very peaceful spot for my songwriting as well as just to relax and absorb the ocean breeze.
Scenic and energetic waves await surfers at Blanchisseuse. As the Marianne River flows into the sea, beachgoers are welcome to swim and wade at their leisure. From March until August the beaches belong to the leatherback turtles who lay their eggs here. You can watch this natural spectacle on a guided tour.
Playing J'ouvert during Trinidad Carnival with Stef Kalloo (1)

Stef Kalloo playing Jouvert / Photo provided by Stef Kalloo

Marianne River in Trinidad - Stef Kalloo

Marianne River / Photo Credit: Stef Kalloo

Visit to Blanchisseuse by a leatherback

Leatherback turtle in Blanchisseuse

What’s your favourite thing to do while in Trinidad?
SK: Apart from performing and making music, I would say spending time with friends and family and having a fun games night for sure!
If you could recommend one eco-attraction, what would it be?
SK: I grew up visiting the Caroni Bird Sanctuary as a child with my family and close friends until now and since it’s close to home, it’s also very close to my heart. It’s so tranquil and somewhat untouched so it feels very natural to me. The Caroni Bird sanctuary is home to our national bird the Scarlet Ibis, so many other birds and wildlife. I recommend taking a tour from my friends the Kalpoos if you are looking to visit for the day!
A tour of the Caroni Bird Sanctuary, a protected world-renowned wetland area, is also really exciting. You can see impressive birds like Great egrets, Gray herons and darters. Each day, flocks of Scarlet Ibises fill the evening sky in a magnificent spectacle of brilliance that you can see on a tour of the Caroni Bird Sanctuary.
Caroni Bird Sanctuary in Trinidad - Birdwatching in Trinidad - Stef Kalloo

Caroni Bird Sanctuary Tour / Photo Credit: Stef Kalloo

scarlet ibis in Trinidad

Scarlet Ibises in the sky

Caroni Bird Sanctuary in Trinidad - Birdwatching in Trinidad - Stef Kalloo 2

Caroni Bird Sanctuary Tour / Photo Credit: Stef Kalloo


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