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Tommy’s Brewing Company: Trinidad’s First Craft Brewery

Tommy’s Brewing Company is Trinidad’s first microbrewery serving local craft beer along with a unique and exciting experience for foodies and beer lovers. Their conveniently located and unique brewpub is in Movietowne Port of Spain, a short walk from the Courtyard by Marriott and in close proximity to various options for accommodation.

Just learning about craft beer? Simply put, craft beer is typically produced in smaller quantities by smaller breweries with a primary focus on product quality and flavour diversity. Tommy’s offers a wide assortment of locally made craft beers and visitors have a variety of styles to choose from with each offering a different flavour profile, colour, aroma, alcohol by volume, special brewing technique and ingredients. Each beer has its own unique blend and taste, well paired with their extensive brewpub menu selections.

Tommy's Brewing Company - Craft beer in Trinidad on tap
Tommy's Brewing Company - Craft beer brewery in Trinidad
Tommy's Brewing Company - Tommy's Steelpan craft beer in Trinidad

Photo Credit: Tommy's Brewing Company

Beyond local production, many product names are inspired by our fascinating Trinbagonian culture, traditions and ingredients with additional layers of intrigue. Devil’s Woodyard is a rich and fruity, Belgian-style dark ale named after one of Trinidad’s mud volcanoes, located in Princes Town. Steelpan Island Stout is a rich semi-sweet stout brewed with Trinitario (local) cocoa nibs. The steelpan was invented in Trinidad and Tobago and is the only new acoustic instrument accepted globally.

Just in time for Christmas, Tommy’s will be launching their Parang Sorrel Ale, a sorrel beer with a juicy and refreshingly tart finish – this too, celebrating our local traditions. Sorrel is made from hibiscus sabdariffa (sometimes referred to as roselle in other parts of the world), a shrub which is used to create a signature drink, enjoyed during Christmas. A “Trini” Christmas includes locals known as ‘paranderos’ who go from house to house evoking the spirit of the season by serenading families with indigenous Spanish carols termed ‘Parang’.

Tommy's Brewing Company - Assortment of local craft beer in Trinidad
Tommy's Brewing Company - Sorrel
Tommy's Brewing Company - Parang Sorrel Ale in Trinidad

Photo Credit: Tommy's Brewing Company

At Tommy’s inviting brewpub, fresh craft beer is poured from the tap and pairs perfectly with their pub-style menu. Each menu item includes a recommended craft beer, so you can enjoy a great pairing during your brewpub experience. Looking to try a few beers or uncertain of what to order? Order a beer flight and get some recommendations from your server! It comes with four 5oz draft pours, so you can sample various styles of beer. From your table you can also catch a glimpse of the brewery in action through the brewhouse windows.

Tommy’s is open daily from 11AM-8PM in Movietowne, Port of Spain. To purchase their products, get a 101 on beer or learn more about Tommy’s Brewing Company, visit their website here.

Tommy's Brewing Company - Craft beer flight in Trinidad with nachos
Tommy's Brewing Company - Pub in Trinidad
Tommy's Brewing Company - Craft beer and food in Trinidad
Tommy's Brewing Company - Burgers and Onion Rings - Restaurant in Trinidad
Tommy's Brewing Company - Brewery and craft beer in Trinidad
Tommy's Brewing Company - Steelpan stout craft beer in Trinidad

Photo Credit: Tommy's Brewing Company


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