Views of Mount Saint Benedict

The Abbey of Our Lady of Exile at Mount Saint Benedict is situated on the serene hills of Tunapuna, 4300 feet above sea level, with stunning views of the East-West corridor and Central plains. It is a captivating, spiritual experience for both Christians and non-Christians alike.

Construction of the Monastery structures commenced in 1912 after permission was granted by the Archbishop of Port of Spain John Pius to establish a Benedictine foundation on the 240-acre site. In February 1747, Mount St Benedict became an Abbey. A lookout tower was built to survey the area as it is prone to bush fires in the dry season. The uphill trek to the tower takes the visitor through a breezy Pine forest with breathtaking panoramic views.

Today, the abbey consists of a church, a monastery, a seminary, a drug rehabilitation centre, a yogurt factor and a guest house for a retreat. The abbey welcomes and draws people of all faiths seeking peace, solace, purpose and fulfilment.